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episode 899: Gaza War Update w/ Prof. James M. Dorsey

On this edition of Parallax Views, Middle East scholar Prof. James Dorsey, the man behind The Turbulent World w/ James M. Dorsey blog and Substakc, returns for a Gaza War update. We discuss the clans in Gaza that may or may not end up collaborating with Israel against Hamas and their own unsavory nature, the bombing of Gaza and its infrastructure like hospitals, Israel's information war, Benjamin Netanyahu, Joe Biden's vision for the Middle East and the political obstacles he faces, the 1948 war and what came after it, the two-state vs. one-state solution, and much, much more.


NOTE: There's some audio crackle that couldn't be fixed in post on this episode. I hope you will find it listenable anyways.

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 March 23, 2024  54m