Cities are becoming increasingly unliveable for most people. Costs are rising but incomes are not. Sky-high rents, evictions, homelessness, and substandard housing are common realities for urban dwellers across the planet. There is a global housing crisis. How did this basic human right get so lost? Who is pushing people out of their homes and cities, and what’s being done to pushback? On the heels of the release of the award-winning documentary, PUSH, filmmaker, Fredrik Gertten and Leilani Farha, the former UN Special Rapporteur on the right to housing, have reconvened. Join the filmmaker and the advocate as they reflect on their experiences making PUSH and exchange ideas and stories about the film's central issue: the financialization of housing and its fall-out. For more about PUSH and to view it:  www.pushthefilm.com For more about Fredrik Gertten and his other films: www.wgfilm.comFor more about Leilani Farha in her new role, Global Director of The Shift: www.make-the-shift.org



episode 9: Nomad Nation: How the Remote Work Revolution is Changing the World

In this episode of Pushback Talks, hosts Fredrik and Leilani delve into a fascinating intersection of global trends: digital nomadism. As the world grapples with issues like migration, touristification, gentrification, and financialization, the rise of digital nomads adds another layer of complexity to the housing landscape.

With the COVID-19 pandemic shifting the nature of work, digital nomadism has surged in popularity. What was once a niche lifestyle has now become a significant global phenomenon, with millions of individuals embracing remote work and the freedom to travel.

But what exactly are digital nomads, and how do they fit into the broader narrative of migration and tourism? Joining Fredrik and Leilani is author, anthropologist, and consultant Dave Cook, who brings over 8 years of research experience on remote work and its impacts.

With digital nomadism on the rise, understanding its implications for international migration and local economies is more crucial than ever. Tune in as Dave, Leilani, and Fredrik unpack the complexities of digital nomadism and its far-reaching consequences on housing and society.

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 March 27, 2024  56m