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315 - F. W. Murnau's Faust! (A Primer on Utopian Philosophy)

Jon's new book is out! A Primer on Utopian Philosophy is out now! So, we thought the best way to talk about utopia was to also talk about Faust! Buy Jon's new book: https://www.collectiveinkbooks.com/zer0-books/our-books/primer-utopian-philosophy-ernst-bloch Discuss your favorite Ernst Bloch books with Horror Vanguard at: bsky.app/profile/horrorvanguard.bsky.social www.instagram.com/horrorvanguard/ www.horrorvanguard.com You can support the show for less than the cost of nurturing the potential for utopia in a world of struggle at www.patreon.com/horrorvanguard

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 April 2, 2024  1h2m