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‘He Was Probably The Best Flicker I’ve Seen’ Crouchy Exposes BIZARRE Gym Rituals

On today’s Episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, the lads are lifting the lid on exactly what happens in the gym at a Premier League Club. 

We hear about the players that like to avoid the gym at all costs yet seem to maintain a god like physique all year round as well as others who are more concerned with making your ears bleed than achieving a PB on bench press. 

Crouchy also talks about how there is now more emphasis not just on staying physically fit but mentally fit in today’s game compared to when him and Steve where still in the dressing room. 

Chris, who is currently on his own fitness and well being journey also talks about how getting down the gym is changing his outlook on life. 

In other business, the lads have a very informative message from Countryfile’s very own Adam Henson who explains why Anderson had exactly the right idea when putting his money into cattle and the lads answer your burning question on which football ground provides the best food when the lads are on comms…


00:00 Intro

05:38 Adam Henson

08:20 Evolution of Gym Culture in Football

16:18 Man Mana-gymt

20:32 Gym Flicks 

25:21 Mental Fitness

31:07 ‘He is a freak’

41:23 Lost in Translation

44:33 Goalie Hat

50:32 Tony’s Pie and Mash

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 April 3, 2024  55m