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Reign - Nagalisitu - Agents of ALIS - Part 17

This campaign will touch on many themes, including slavery, racism, specism, harm to children, and mental health issues, among others. Listener discretion is advised.

Having picked up the writers, the crew has to head back to Nagalisitu. However, before they can leave Roscoe and Kai are confronted with a lead on the pirate they hate. And, even when they make it back, how has Nagalisitu changed since they've been gone...?

Agents of ALIS is based on the campaign framework Nagalisitu by Caleb Stokes, for Reign second edition by Greg Stolze. Reign 2E has been released in pdf and is available at Atomic Overmind, while the book with the information on Nagalisitu has not been released as of posting. We are using a Kickstarter backer version of those rules.

Genepals are references from Kyle Carty's Starstreamers from BPB Games.

Adam - GM

Dan - Roscoe Holst - The human pilot of the Hypatia, and descendant of the... legendary? line of Holst, a family that always seems to be near when galactic history changes.

Ethan - Silent Reading - A Murnau spy, perhaps the person most suited to the work of the Library. Whereas his twin brother Cheerful Humming is much more of an open book, Silent Reading keeps to himself, trusting few...

Greg - Kyrt Howling-Echo - A gengineered half-human half-Murnau, he is the former Genepal League champion. Kyrt has "retired" into aiding the Library of Alexandria as a patron. Never without his beloved Genepal Pep Pup, or his second best friend Sol-Edge.

Jared - Captain Kai Uhila - The human captain of the Hypatia. Kai is a bard as is the nature of those who helm the ships that travel the galaxy. A bit of a drunk, a bit of a lech, a bit of a loose cannon, but someone with a strong sense of justice.

Laura - Tema Miles - A humanish logistics & security expert on the Hypatia. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and will rip yours out of your chest if you cross her, the ship, or her young ward Libby.

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 April 3, 2024  1h58m