Enemy in Paris: An Emily in Paris Hate-Watch

A rage-watch podcast recapping every awful episode of the show we all love to hate: Emily in Paris. Begrudgingly hosted by Bec Hill and Sam Kieffer.



episode 5: Heart On | Season 02, Episode 05

What could be worse than Sam getting food poisoning or Bec stinking up the place with questionable perfume? Why, "An Englishman in Paris" of course! Help Sam and Bec justify the amount of time and effort it takes to bring you this show by becoming a Patreon supporter today! You'll not only get an Emily-level sense of smugness, but access to bonus content! http://patreon.com/EnemyinParis And if things are tight, you can still help by spreading the hate via word-of-mouth, social media (@enemyinparis), or a 5-star review! Don't forget to follow/subscribe and (if it's an option) hit the notification button so you're alerted when each episode is released. Thoughts or questions? You can reach us via the Q&A section on Spotify, or via: http://instagram.com/enemyinparis http://facebook.com/enemyinparis Sam Kieffer can be found @mostfunsam across most platforms. Bec Hill is @bechillcomedian. The theme tune is by Frankie Lowe. (The full version can be downloaded from the Enemy in Paris Patreon, or streamed where ever you get your music!)

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 April 4, 2024  1h13m