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“The race for Top 4 is as big as the title race” Crouchy Weighs in on Fight for Champion’s League

On today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, Crouchy and the boys are back where they belong…..down the pub. 

And whilst Crouchy may have taken a break, the race for glory in the Premier League certainly was not. 

In what was a fairly underwhelming week in terms of points performance, Peter’s massive 3 point result on the Luton game has brought all the boys neck and neck on points with only a handful of games left to play!

In a sure fire sign it is really heating up, Notorious decides to add another layer of jeopardy to the table by throwing a very special bonus point up for grabs during one of the matches - find out how at the end of the episode. 

The boys also react to some potentially massive news that broke in this week’s world of football ahead of looking forward to this week’s games of Arsenal v Villa, Newcastle v Tottenham and Forest v Wolves. 

Want to get involved in this week’s predictions? Let us know in the comments below!

00:00 Intro

03:49 Title Race Catchup 

11:23 Arsenal v Villa

15:43 Newcastle v Tottenham

20:27 Double Jeopardy

21:50 Forest v Wolves 

26:02 Wedding Signings

30:53 Hat Trick!

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 April 12, 2024  36m