The Golden Age of Radio, also known as the old-time radio era, was an era of radio programming in which radio was the dominant electronic home entertainment medium. It began with the birth of commercial radio broadcasting in the early 1920s and lasted through the 1960s, when television gradually superseded radio as the medium of choice for scripted programming, variety and dramatic shows.


Michael Shayne 48-12-04 ep23 Constant Companion

Michael Shayne, Private Detective (1944-1948) was the inaugural iteration of the series, with Wally Maher lending his voice to the character of Michael Shayne. Broadcast on the West Coast Mutual network, this version stood out for its lighter tone in comparison to subsequent adaptations. Notably, Shayne’s investigative hub was located in Oakland, California, a departure from the more conventional Miami setting

The series delved into intriguing mysteries, and its protagonist, Michael Shayne, navigated the twists and turns of each case with wit and determination. While the later versions took on different tones and settings, this early incarnation set the stage for the enduring legacy of the Michael Shayne detective franchise.

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