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'I’ve been Sh*thoused Again’ Crouchy’s TNT Woes Continue

On today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, Peter is in high spirits after a successful weekend has propelled him to the top of the table! 

However, with only one point separating first and last place and Paddy Power looking to spice up the forfeit, it is getting as tense as the Premier League title race. 

And the lads’ football focus isn’t just on players this week, they also dedicate some time to the recent sh*thousery that was poor Peter’s positioning at a recent TNT game. 

Looking ahead to this weekend’s coming games, the lads are giving their predictions for Wolves v Arsenal, Palace v West Ham and Villa v Bournemouth. Let us know your predictions in the comments! 

As is fast becoming a tradition on this pod, we also hear from the lovely Susie Dents who addresses a fan question from last week as well as providing a dictionary definition on one of the lads favourite football terms. 


00:30 Intro

03:14 Competitive Couples

07:37 Lovely, Late Goals

13:22 TNT Housery

15:41 Predictions

24:55 I’m a Celeb

30:00 The Lovely, Susie Dent

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 April 19, 2024  36m