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Since 2010, the We Hate Movies podcast has been loudly celebrating and tearing apart movies from across the spectrum: from forgotten '80s actioners and insane romantic comedies of the '90s, to the early CGI blockbusters of the aughts and the hyper-nostalgic franchises of the 2010s and today. Every week, comedians Andrew Jupin, Stephen Sajdak, Eric Szyszka, and Chris Cabin pick a movie from the near-past to discuss and joke around about in all its positive and negative glory.



S14: WHM Mail Bag for April 2024

“It’s like advertising your picture has sound when special effects have come into market... it’s not the same.” - Chris, on bullies aging out

 On the April ’24 edition of WHM Mail Bag, we’re reading some letters from fans as we plug our upcoming run of spring shows! We’ve got letters from one fella who puked up Twizzlers during a Cleveland screening of the film Major League, another person who got revenge on a bully in a big, bad, totally gross way, another who the Universe would not let watch 2 Fast 2 Furious, and one guy who didn’t recognize the great Diana Ross on a college campus!

Be sure to catch us THIS THURSDAY at the City Winery in Atlanta, Georgia as we talk about the dumb-ass Gerard Butler action flick, GAMER!

And don’t forget to dance the WHM Texas Two-Step with us as we hit up Houston and Austin on back-to-back nights! Night 1 in Houston, we’ll be talking Robocop 2 at the Houston Improv and for Night 2 in Austin, we’ll be talking about the magnificent From Dusk Till Dawn (W❤️M) at Cap City Comedy. Texas, this May… we dance!

Have a wild story you’d like read on the air? Or do you have a question for the gang? Then write into the Mail Bag: weallhatemovies@gmail.com!

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 April 23, 2024  1h2m