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Emile Heskey on Career Highlights, Favourite Players and Thoughts on Crouchy!

On today’s episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast, Crouchy, Chris and Sids sit down and talk to Liverpool and England legend, Emile Heskey. 

Pete and Heskey discuss their mutual experiences on the red side of Merseyside as well as their playing days together for the three lions. 

We hear the shocking revelation that Emile’s big break didn’t come from his athletic ability but his appearance on the Rod and Emu show as well as the career he was destined for if he hadn’t become a professional footballer. 

Emile opens up on his thoughts on the current state of football as well as trying to get our very own Sids out of the podcast game and back on the sidelines. 

And stay tuned for one of our favourite messages of the season where we listen to a classic football chant reimagined and a roast dinner XI! 

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Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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