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Trophy Gold - An Occurance At Vicksburg

Content Warning: This episode will deal with themes of death, war, and associated atrocities. Listener discretion is advised.

Ethan takes a new trio of players to the (and our) past, by rerunning An Occurrence at Vicksburg, this time in Trophy Gold!

As the Siege of Vicksburg continues on during the American Civil War, a trio of citizens of Vicksburg are due to be executed. However, as the executioner pulls the lever on the gallows, the trio's nightmare has only begun...

Want to see how these players fared against Adam, Greg, and Laura? Head back and listen to the original two parter on the website! Part One Part Two

Ethan - GM

Ben - Murlock, Farmer, Treason

Dan - Swindler, Engineer, Abolitionism

Xantar - Eldersin, Brigand, Espionage

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