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Taproom Talks is an insider's look at the culture of craft and the business of beer from one of the fastest growing craft breweries in Texas, Lakewood Brewing Company. Each month, President & Founder Wim Bens sits down to talk with the people driving today's craft beer renaissance— from the nationally known, to the hometown homebrew heroes in your own backyard. So grab a pint and tune in, because Taproom Talks is your craft brewing podcast, for whichever neighborhood you call home.



Trailblazers Panel Pt. 2 - Q&A

We return today with Part 2 of our Trailblazers panel event- The Q&A segment. Our audience had some excellent questions and the panelists brought some real insight to their responses. This is a live, outdoor recording, and as such there is a bit of rustling microphones, background noise, and an errant truck backing up on tape. We've done what we can to minimize the interference.

3 small letters. 1 big beer. BBT day is December 10th. Stay tuned for details!


 2016-11-19  37m