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episode 50: Episode 50 - The Department of Brewology

We're humbled and honored that IBMOC has been nominated in this year's Sprudgie awards for Best Coffee Podcast! Head over to sprudge.com/vote before January 1st, 2017 to cast your vote. When it comes to combining coffee culture with great design, there’s no one working harder to fill the void than The Department of Brewology. We’re honored to welcome longtime friends of the show, David Salinas and Brett Cannon, to talk about how the company's inception, their current and past projects, and much much more. Listen along for a few juicy spoilers about what’s coming up next year! What We're Drinking

  • David Salinas: Ethiopia Biftu Gudina from Koppi
  • Brett Cannon: Colombia Obraje Geisha from Peixoto Coffee
  • Brian Beyke: Holiday 2016 Blend from Ceremony Coffee Roasters
  • Bryan Schiele: Costa Rica Las Lajas from Peixoto Coffee
  • Department of Brewology
  • Sprudge: Department of Brewology Launches Curated Roaster Collaboration Series
  • The Inefficiency Podcast - Episode 15 - The Art & Science of Handcrafted Coffee
  • Socratic Coffee
  • Third Wave Water
  • Caffeine Magazine
  • New York City Transit Authority Standard Graphics Manual
  • National Aeronautics & Space Administration Standard Graphics Manual
  • Bill O’Reilly - We’re doing it Live
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  • David’s non-coffee work at Anchor & Buffalo


 2016-12-15  1h14m