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The Reality of Preemies: High Risk Hope, Adrianna Costa, & Dr Victoria Niklas

Today's show sponsored by: MILKANDEGGS.COM PART 1: TV Host & Haute Moms Life Show Creator & Host ADRIANNA COSTA. Hear her show on PodcastOne. #MarchofDimes #Preemies and her incredible #PersonalStory about her childbirths. PART 2: Dr Vicrtoria Niklas and Prolacta explaining that the future of nutirtion, is now. The importance of breast feeding. New ways to get the proper nutrients for premature babies. The numbers of premature births and high risk pregnancies in the US are increasing. What needs to be done about it. #womenhelpingwomen #science #nutrition PART 3: Comedian, Author & Host of Reality Life KATE CASEY brings us media moms together to talk HIGH RISK HOPE. Founder Heather Barrow and Susie Bray Founding Board Member and HOAG Hospital Coordinator. #Charity #Expansion #Needs #Statistics #Humor (Kate always has a story that makes me spit out my wine.) Thank you for listening! Please follow Kristin Cruz & Guests on Twitter! This episode is brought to you by MILKANDEGGS.COM


 2017-01-03  56m