Bearded Fruit: An LGBT / Gay Podcast

Politics and culture through an intersectional queer lens. In a post-marriage equality world, the LGBT community is moving into uncharted territory. With an eye on how queer identity intersects with race, gender and all of our other identities, we’re having conversations at the crossroads of queerness and the contemporary world.


BF210: Don't Call Me Ethnic. / Jesse Paradice

This week, Bearded Fruit turns over the reigns of the podcast to Cleveland-based hip hop artist Jesse Paradice. He discusses his powerful EP "Don't Call Me Ethnic." the turbulent forces that shaped his musical voice, and the urgent need for us to listen -- and listen closely -- to queer black artists and other people (and artists)of color. The music in this week's episode is from "Don't Call Me Ethnic." by Jesse Paradice:


 2017-01-08  17m