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JDAT Support to the U.S. Army's Maneuver Battle Lab Squad X Event

Squad X is a multiyear Department of Defense program sponsored by DARPA to identify emerging technologies and facilitate their development for military use. The Joint Deployable Analysis Team, also known as JDAT, recently supported the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command’s Maneuver Battle Lab by enhancing their assessment process for testing Squad capabilities. The Maneuver Battle Lab is responsible for infantry capabilities development under TRADOC’s Maneuver Center of Excellence, the project lead for this DARPA-sponsored initiative. Over the course of several events held at Fort Benning, Georgia, JDAT collected digital and voice data passed between systems from the infantry Company through subordinate SQD levels and assisted in the analysis effort. The assessment will provide observations, findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the U.S. Army and the DOD regarding new technology initiatives and their contribution to improve dismounted infantry SQD mission performance. This year’s program will establish a baseline capability to compare against future experimental technologies employed by dismounted infantry SQDs.


 2017-01-19  1m