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009: Naomi Brockwell (Bitcoin Girl) on Bitcoins, Liberty, Government and Fiat Currency

Naomi Brockwell is an opera singer, film-maker and actress, and studied commerce at the University of Western Australia. Currently residing in New York, Naomi also runs her own company Rainsworth Productions and is a fellow at The Moving Picture Institute. Naomi speaks five languages, plays six musical instruments and, of course, is a gold medal-winning Irish dancer. Naomi is on the Advisory Council of the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation and is the always effervescent face of Bitcoin Girl.

Economic Themes:

In this interview, Naomi mentions and discusses: bitcoins, crypto-currencies, monetary policy, inflation, fiat currency, fractional reserve banking, central banks, living standards,  international trade, negative externalities, unintended consequences,equilibrium, supply and demand.

Economists and Economic Schools:

In this interview, Naomi mentions: Victor Niederhoffer, Gene Epstein, Murray Rothbard, Jean-Baptiste Say, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Carl Menger, Erik Voorheese, Paul Krugman, Austrian economics, Libertarianism, Keynesian economics and Hunter Lewis.

Find Out:
  • what Naomi's two favorite drinks are - they're Irish by the way!
  • and watch Naomi's video 'Bitcoin Girl' (see below), made with The Moving Picture Institute, in which she is featured.
  • what began Naomi's passion for economics after staying in New York City to study and train with other great opera singers.
  • how a discussion on the housing crisis and the housing bubble at Junto in New York City inspired Naomi to read economics.
  • how a chance email to Gene Epstein of Barron's developed a passion for Austrian and Libertarian economics.
  • Naomi's shared views with Gene on educating people in economics even if they disagree on some of the thinking.
  • why Naomi questions the foundation of fiat money after reading Rothbard.
  • why Naomi believes that the private sector can manage money better than the government.
  • why bitcoin is used voluntarily with no coercion.
  • what is a virtual or crypto-currency and how does it work when there is no physical coin to use.
  • what excites Naomi about Bitcoin and why, as Bitcoin Girl, she is becoming synonymous with Bitcoin.
  • what cryptography is and what it has to do with Bitcoin.
  • the difference between fractional reserve banking and how bitcoin operates.


  • what scares Naomi when she requested her Australian bank to transfer her own money into a Bitstamp account.
  • and much, much more.

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 2014-12-04  48m