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ACM 271: Apple iPhone 6, Apple Watch Media Event Wrap Up

Apple's big media event to introduce the iPhone 6, Apple Pay, and Apple Watch was yesterday and that means there's plenty for Jeff and Bryan to talk about today. They offer up their thoughts on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, whether or not the bigger screen sizes really matter, what they think about the Apple Watch, and more.

  • Apple Unveils Larger Screen iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus [Update]
  • Apple Moves into Wearable Tech with Introduction of Apple Watch [Update]
  • Apple Announces Apple Pay iPhone Mobile Payment System
  • Apple's Live Streaming Undergoing Massive Fail, Twitter Freaks Out
  • Hands on with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - Which One Should You Get?
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 2014-09-11  45m