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GRIMM Builds a Monster

GRIMM<br> Episode 608 “The Son Also Rises”<br> Written by Todd Milliner and Nick Peet<br> Directed by Peter Werner<p></p> This episode didn't do a lot to further the main characters' stories. It did give us a rather fun police case, an interesting dream sequence, and a bunch of flashbacks.<p></p> Last week the theme was Shakespeare. If you missed it, most of the story was based on "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Our main characters drank spiked sparkling wine and each fell wildly in love with the wrong partner. This week it was Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein". Debatable whether you can call it the Wesen of the week since the creature was created by scientists who had no idea the body parts they used came from different types of Wesen. When the poor creature woged he was quite a sight to behold.<p></p> Short version of the episode, at least six months ago there was a car wreck that killed a scientist's son. Since that time, Shelley the father of the son, got three of his colleagues to work with him to resurrect his son. Now they've created this hodgepodge of a body with various kinds of Wesen parts.


 2017-02-26  42m