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060: Jon Bowermaster on having a body of work

Notes on Doing's NODcast Episode 060 where Jenna interviews Jon Bowermaster, an environmental filmmaker, writer, and adventurer. Jon is an oceans expert who has spent his career telling stories about climate change and conservation. He has traveled from his home in New York's Hudson Valley to over 90 countries around the world, often by sea kayak. Listen to what Jon had to say about running a newspaper out of a basement in Iowa, leather jackets, 8inch floppy disks, writing for every major print magazine in the 80s and 90s, dogsleds, polar explorers, sea fossils on the chilean altiplano, the true nature of danger, the birthplace of the winds, and learning. Notes on Doing is a series of conversations with people who love what they do. 


 2017-03-17  1h10m