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Berlin Belly - the food podcast from Berlin, featuring conversations with the fantastic women working in the Berlin food community! The Berlin Belly podcast is hosted by Elizabeth Rushe. Available on Podcast app for iPhone; iTunes; Stitcher for Android and Soundcloud. Contact:


Laurel Kratochvila from Fine Bagels & Nosh Berlin

Welcome to a new episode of Berlin Belly, the food podcast featuring interviews with the brilliant women working in the Berlin food world! This episode I spoke with Laurel Kratochvila, who's been running Fine Bagels in Berlin for the last 4 years. Laurel is a self-taught baker, and told us how her bagel journey began in Berlin and led to opening her own bakery. Laurel is also one of the organisers of Nosh Berlin - a week of wonderful Jewish food in Berlin, March 19th -26th 2017 so she gave us the lowdown of the amazing Nosh Berlin programme. Artwork by Nilina Mason Campbell for Berlin Belly Music is "Kolomeika" by Tres Tristes Tangoes Fine Bagels, Warschauer str 74, Berlin Nosh Berlin tickets and program - Thanks to Flux Fm, where we record the Berlin Belly podcast My name is Elizabeth Rushe, I'm a freelance writer and host Off the Record on Flux FM.


 2017-03-18  29m