VK0EK Expedition to Heard Island - 2016

After their successful expedition to Heard Island, the team arrived in Fremantle and took a few days to unwind. The Northern Corridor Radio Group (NCRG) hosted a BBQ at the Neil Penfold State Amateur Radio Centre where all 14 members of the team were interviewed on Saturday 23 April. Penguins, Seals, Glaciers and Gales made for a once in a lifetime adventure.



(AE0EE - Bill)

Bill Mitchell, AE0EE Bill was first licensed in 2012 as AG6RB while in graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley. After finishing his PhD in 2014, he relocated to Minnesota and acquired his current callsign, AE0EE. Bill was part of a mini-expedition to North Dakota in August, 2014 to activate W1AW/0. He is most often found on CW, but also enjoys digital modes and SSB. When not on the radio, Bill enjoys doing and teaching science. He holds a BA in chemistry from Carleton College, and a PhD in Chemistry from UC Berkeley. While his primary focus is physical and analytical chemistry, his research has been broad, spanning organometallic synthesis, kinetics, polymers, 2-photon photochemistry, atmospheric chemistry and physics, geochemistry, and geology. His dissertation focused on high-precision uranium-lead dating. Source: https://vk0ek.org/the-team/


 2016-04-22  8m