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PR and Journalism with Janet Murray

PR and Journalism with Janet Murray Janet Murray is a journalist and PR coach who helps businesses and brands tell their story in the media. Janet has been featured in dozens of national and international publications including the Guardian, Huffington Post, Daily Telegraph, Entrepreneur, BBC Online, The Sun, Daily Mail & many more. Janet is also a blogger, speaker and podcaster and runs her business from her garden ‘shedquarters’, local coffee shop or wherever she happens to be in the world (and thanks her lucky stars for it every day). You can connect with Jane through her website or join her Facebook group Soulful PR Community. Reaching for her journalism dream Janet started as an English teacher in secondary school, while thinking that she wants to be a journalist. Everyone told her that it's too hard and that she will never get published in the nationals. Later on, she re-trained as a journalist and decided to be a freelance journalist afterwards. During working on a variety of things, Janet realized that PR people don't necessarily connect well with journalists and publications. She later on made it one of her goals to try to create opportunities for people to meet journalists and slowly grew it into a consultancy business. Being a massive hustler With the many different things that Janet takes on, she thinks of herself as a massive hustler. She approaches everything she does with tenacity and determination. She shared the opinion of many successful people that there are no overnight success. According to Janet, she's made loads of mistakes all the time, but she's good at dusting herself off and having another go. We also talked about being a freelancer versus being an entrepreneur. She shared her plans for the next few years and trying people to understand things from a journalist's perspective. I would love to hear your thoughts, feedback – good and bad. Twitter is the best place for it @izabelarussell – welcome to the show! The post PR and Journalism with Janet Murray appeared first on New Media Europe.


 2016-06-22  22m