The Throwback Lounge W/Ty Cool

Not your average Old School Show. The Throwback Lounge takes you to another stratosphere. Great old school, with fresh new R&B, Funk, and Dance for your music journey. Check us out, and you'll be glad you did. 1 LOVE!!


The Throwback Lounge W/Ty Cool-The Commodores

Yes, The Commodores are vastly under-rated. Just like Kool and The Gang, The Commodores are vastly under-rated. The deserve the shine that is due them. Those 6 brothers brought the funk and the rhythm. Just like any band, they all had to go their separate ways. However, is subsequent years, the bond never wavered. We love Lionel Richie for his solo works. That said, he had plenty of great moments surround by Walter "Clyde" Orange, William "Wak" King, Thomas McClary, Ronald LaPread, and the late Milan Williams. They indeed created some magic. That said, I hope this episode finds you all in great spirits and you will indeed love and enjoy this podcast. A lot of missed oldies and fresh new faces appear in this episode as well. Don't forget, get your old school fix on 24/7 at Thanks for tuning in, and remember---tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend, all about The Throwback Lounge. It's not just a show... It's an experience!!! 1 LOVE ;-) PLAYLIST OPENING CUT: RHYTHM TALK-JOCKO HENDERSON 1.LADY(YOU BRING ME UP)-THE COMMODORES 2.LET'S GET STARTED-THE COMMODORES 3.ONE WAY-SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE 4.LOVING YOU-DONALD BYRD 5.ECSTASY-THE OHIO PLAYERS 6.YOU ARE MY HEAVEN-ROBERTA FLACK & DONNY HATHAWAY 7.ASSEMBLY LINE-THE COMMODORES 8.HIGH ON SUNSHINE-THE COMMODORES 9.SATURDAY NIGHT-THE COMMODORES 10.START THE FIRE-JEAN CARN 11.TAKE ME, I'M YOURS-MICHAEL HENDERSON 12.LET ME SHOW YA-JAZZANOVA & PAUL RANDOLPH 13.BRICK HOUSE-THE COMMODORES 14.TOO HOT TA TROT-THE COMMODORES 15.FIRECRACKER-MASS PRODUCTION 16.I WANT YOU(ALL NIGHT)-CURTIS HAIRSTON 17.STONE LOVE-KASHIF 18.FANCY DANCER(LIVE)-THE COMMODORES 19.OLD-FASHIONED LOVE-THE COMMODORES 20.DO YOU LOVE WHAT YOU FEEL-RUFUS & CHAKA KHAN 21.DON'T COST YOU NOTHIN'-ASHFORD & SIMPSON 22.LOVE'S MASTER PLAN-LADY L 23.GIVE INTO THE NIGHT-PERSONAL LIFE 24.PHILLY LINE-SOULUTIONS CHAMPAGNE HOUR 25.THREE TIMES A LADY-THE COMMODORES 26.EASY-THE COMMODORES 27.SO FINE-MINT CONDITION 28.I DO-AL JARREAU 29.TONIGHT-XSCAPE 30.DON'T GO-EN VOGUE 31.JUST TO BE CLOSE TO YOU-THE COMMODORES 32.WONDERLAND-THE COMMODORES 33.NOT READY-CON FUNK SHUN 34.THAT'S THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT YA-BOBBY WOMACK 35.MO BETTER-RAHEEM DEVAUGHN 36.LOOK AFTER LOVE-HEATWAVE 37.SAY YEAH-THE COMMODORES 38.ZOOM-THE COMMODORES 39.SO EASY-101 NORTH 40.DON'T LET ME TAKE YOUR LOVE AWAY-ISAAC HAYES 41.STOP TO START-BLUE MAGIC 42.THE FEELIN'S LOVE-ANGELA BOFILL 43.IT'S YOU THAT I NEED-ENCHANTMENT CLOSING CUT: PEOPLE MAKE THE WORLD GO 'ROUND-THE STYLISTICS


 2015-01-26  4h41m