Minority Korner

Are you easily confused by terms like cultural appropriation, cisgender, toxic masculinity, twunk, black girl magic, and woke? Or maybe you’re tired of explaining terms like these and you need a community that gets you! Sounds like you need MINORITY KORNER! Nnekay & James dish out your weekly serving of pop culture, social commentary, nerdy stuff, politics, empowerment, celebrity feuds, zanny anecdotes, mispronunciation of most names, and things they left out of the history books, all from a perspective that’s Black, queer, and lady like! So come learn, laugh, and play! (Part of the Maximum Fun Network)




MKEP26: I Don't Trust No Man Poodle Around My Bitches (RuPaul Pt2, Japanese American Woman in the Civil Rights Movement, Poodles, Hamilton, DJ Quest Love)

Nnekay and James are back on their respective coasts, and Nnekay is a woman on demand. James lost his I.D and is incredibly confused as to what city he's currently in. We dive into the Hamilton casting notice controversy.  and Nnekay and James talking about breeding possibilities involving a poodle. James continues his 2 part investigation of RuPaul, and if you thought last week was problematic- hold onto your butts this week. Nnekay shines light on 5 Japanese American woman who were doing it up in the civil rights movement. And as usual we have a Quizlet Korner that is just as random as ever!    RuPaul Pt2 http://katblaque.tumblr.com/post/139269853419/re-is-ru-pauls-drag-race-racist http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kat-blaque/performative-blackness-an_b_9545212.html   QUIZLET KORNER:  http://kotaku.com/nintendo-employee-terminated-after-smear-campaign-over-1768100368  


 2016-04-13  1h19m