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Can Fungus Be the Cause of Chronic Illness?

Fungus?  Really?  Sure I've heard of fungus and mold, but to see how they can be detrimental to your health on such a significant level was really eye opening for me.  Can you imagine going through years searching for a way to feel better without any luck? Today's guest can relate to this.  Erin Porter is the founder of Eat, Pray, Get Well and had endured 25 years of chronic illness, endured many unnecessary surgeries and had been on over 100 courses of antibiotics until she found her root cause, Fungus (aspergillomas in her sinuses).  After much research she realized this fungus was systemic, causing MANY of her other health issues she previously thought were unrelated. She has been recently featured on two national TV shows including PBS American health journal as well as many radio/podcasts within the short time EPGW has gone live.


 2017-05-03  44m