Episode 20: Alles was wir wissen ist im Internet

In Episode 20 geht’s noch einmal um “fake news”, “digital literacy” und “media literacy” aber auch um die Political Nature of the Book und das deutsche Verständnis der Medienpädagogik und -Didaktik. Shownotes:…/edit?usp=sharing   Was wir trinken: Christian: Astra Markus: Augustiner Was wir gemacht haben

  • Markus: Einreichung republica 2017
  • Christian:
    • Beginn Peer Review “The Political Nature of the Book” via
    • Besuch in Arnhem: Claudia Caro Sullivan, Jonathan Worth, Nishant Shah
    • Gespräche we build city, Code for HH; Learning Environments
    • Unterzeichnung Comunia Vorschläge Copyright Reform für Education
Was wir gelesen haben
  • Medienpädagogik im Spannungsfeld der (Re)Produktion heteronormativer Machtstrukturen und emanzipatorischer Bildungsideale – Eine poststrukturalistische Perspektive
  • Digital/kulturelle Bildung. Plädoyer für eine Pädagogik der ästhetischen Reflexion digitaler Kultur
  • Rolin Moe, Real Life Mag All I know is What’s on the Internet
    • Information literacy presumes a set of unbiased institutions and incorruptible instructors are waiting in the wings to begin inculcating the masses with the proper truth procedures. As much as the advocates of information literacy at libraries and universities hope to be arbiters of truth and facilitators of knowledge, with a unimpeachable mission of social justice guiding their practices, their micro actions over the past few centuries have too often been tangential rather than negotiated with or in resistance to the dominant hierarchy. The result is a system that, by and large, reconciles pupils to the existing order, first in deference to an aristocracy of power and now to the sovereignty of the market.
    • Critical thinking is at the foundation of information literacy, but those selling it are not necessarily in a position to actually supply it. They may be hampered by an inability to think critically about their own practices and proposals.
  • Jörans Aufruf: Make Aufklärung great again!
    • (Martin Weller, Vortrag bei OER17: Unenlightenment)
    • Kritik an Aufklärung als euro-zentristisch auf Blogbeitrag durch Maha Bali u.a.
  • A new chapter: ‘Open Educational Resources’
  • Janneke Adema, Gary Hall The political nature of the book: on artists’ books and radical open access
Was wir tun werden
  • Markus: Kick-Off 2017 ILD/Oncampus
  • Christian: Vorbereitung Umzug


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