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69 (nice) - An Ode to LeBron James, Spurs, Warriors and NBA's Upper-Middle Class

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, along with the San Antonio Spurs, have monopolized the NBA's scope of success. And now, with a rubber match between the Cavaliers and Warriors most likely set to take place in the NBA Finals, what does that mean for the upper-middle class? Do they keep investing in their own current, lesser-heralded success, or must they pivot into rebuilding and sabattical periods, with the intention of waiting out the title windows in Oakland and Cleveland? The Toronto Raptors, Los Angeles Clippers, Boston Celtics and Utah Jazz are impacted by this lopsided reality most. They're the ones who need to double down on their current models this summer or about-face into something different. The Jazz will rocket into the luxury tax if they re-sign Gordon Hayward, Joe Ingles and George Hill. Toronto's payroll will exploded past $150 million, before luxury taxes, if they run it back. Four of the Clippers' five starters are free agents. The Celtics must decide whether to consolidate trade assets into a star or, because of the Cavaliers and Warriors, keep toeing the line between rebuilding and competing. What should they all do? What should other teams in similar situations do? The Hardwood Knocks homiez figure it out, while also rapping about the Western Conference Finals, Eastern Conference Finals and LeBron James' legacy. As always, be sure to subscribe to and rate Hardwood Knocks on iTunes. You can also find us on Stitcher and BlogTalkRadio (the illustrious host of HWK). And as 50 Cent's biopic suggests: Follow Andy Bailey (@AndrewDBailey), Dan Favale (@danfavale) and the show (@HardwoodKnocks) on Twitter or die trying.


 2017-05-12  58m