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Rasterized Dream: Intro to POKEY – ip30

Today we’re bringing out the Atari 8 bit line of computers for a spotlight on the 4-channel POKEY chip. 

  • – BeWu^Grayscale (Stereo SAP 22kb)
  • – Sven Tegethoff^Gnome Design (Mono SAP 12kb)
  • – Greg^Greyscale (Stereo SAP 9kb)
  • – Daxey (Mono SAP 5kb)
  • Shake Your – X-Ray (Stereo SAP 14kb)
  • – Pinokio (Stereo SAP 10kb)
  • – XTD (Stereo SAP 9kb)
  • Rasterized – Warlord (Stereo SAP 11kb)
download the files here –> impulseproject30.tar.gz | cue sheet *artwork credit: “Guru Meditation” by Raphis (1st at Wap-Niak 2017 gfx compo)
  • for more Atari scene releases, check out (Polish)
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 2017-06-23  1h9m