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Blow Up the Clippers and Free-Agency Primer With Joe House (Ep. 232)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons brings on Joe House to discuss why the Clippers should hit the reset button (5:00), LeBron's L.A. suitors (14:00), the end of NBA tampering rules (18:00), Carmelo's fit in Houston (24:00), Blake Griffin on the Suns (29:00), Kyle Lowry on the Wolves (35:00), Andrew Wiggins's defensive problems (39:00), Gordon Hayward's chance to be a Celtic (44:00), Otto Porter Jr.'s market value (52:00), Paul Millsap on the Spurs (58:00), and Andre Iguodala's impact on the Warriors' future (1:04:00).


 2017-06-30  1h18m