When big news happens, the world tunes in and then moves on. But often the stories we thought were over haven’t really ended; they were the beginning of something else. Undone is a new show from Gimlet Media that digs up the surprising things that happened when we weren’t looking.



Chitlins at Bergdorf’s

Pat is back to present a brand new show from Gimlet Media called The Nod. Hosted by best friends Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings (who reported the Undone episode The Deacons) The Nod gleefully explores all the beautiful, complicated dimensions of Black life. This episode will especially appeal to fans of Undone as Brittany and Eric look back at one night in 1973 that transformed the fashion world. This is the story of The Battle of Versailles—where one Black designer and his ten Black models brought legitimacy to American fashion, forever changing the game.


 2017-08-16  34m