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Episode 38 - Anywhere on Torpor

Tracklist 01. Low Island - Anywhere 02. Lowly - Deer Eyes 03. Odd Beholder - Isometry 04. Soldier's Heart - Let It All End 05. Mai Kino - The Waves 06. Oaktree & Poltrock - 44,2 Km 07. These Hidden Hands - Lima 3AM (feat. Ale Hop) 08. Barker & Baumecker - Encipher & Decipher 09. NUAGE - Rivers Reverse feat. bop 10. De Osos - Campo de terror absoluto 11. Public Memory - Ecco 12. Tusks - Toronto 13. Swimming Tapes - Cameos 14. Shadowgraphs - Scarlet Tunic 15. Do Make Say Think - War on Torpor


 2017-08-28  1h8m