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Spence's Challenge: Friday, September 1st

Spence got a perfect score today in Spence's Challenge! Adding another $25.00 to the Terrible Herbest Spence's Challenge Jackpot for a new grand total of $1173! Want a chance to win all that cash? Try playing Spence's Challenge! It's a five question, pop-culture, trivia game, with all of the questions ripped straight from the latest headlines! Tie Spence and win the money, beat Spence and we'll throw in an extra $1,000! Practice, Play, Win!

Call Everyday at 7:25am for a chance to play!

  1. Justin Bieber just became the second person with 100 million, Twitter followers. Who was the first?             A: KATY PERRY
  2. According to the headline, Johnny Depp blows through how much a month?            A: TO MILLION
  3. Who left a massive tip for a college student at a Boston restaurant?        A: AMY SCHUMER
  4. Who is reportedly done at Fox Sports after sexual misconduct allegations from the 70s emerged?          A: PETE ROSE
  5. A Hungarian magazine features a Star Wars "The Last Jedi" character that looks more intimidating than ever before. Which character?        A: LUKE SKYWALKER


 2017-09-01  8m