Liquid SunShine Podcast - Inebriated Interviews with Vancouver's hip hop underground

Cop a seat, crack a brew and soak up some liquid sunshine with the Spits N Giggles crew: Mr. Archive and Saucey Slick featuring DJ C-Lo on the mix. Join these jabrones as they chop up whats what with the who's who of Vancouv, and C-Lo spins the new new. Relax and let The Liquid Sunshine Podcast penetrate your ear holes all deep like.


Episode One - The Lost Episode

Liquid Sunshine is back...kinda. Way back in the day, before jumping into your mind with the debut episode, featuring Gorgeous Geordie; Sauce, Archive and C-Lo recorded a trial run.  A test press, if you will.   In the grand tradition of not wasting any part of the beast, LSP brings to you our first-ever outing.  In this guest-free edition, the boys talk (no longer) current events, while dabbling in a loose discussion and even looser overview of some of Hip Hops more offensive moments.  Hear Liquid Sunshine begin to find their voice and their vision.  Hear Saucey's terrible announcer's voice and decent-ish Ice-T impression. Hear Archive passionately plea for marks to quit getting offended over nothing. Hear DJ C-Lo prove that he is easily the most consistent member of the clique, as he drops some of the offensive jams that we love, as well as a slew of new (ish) tracks.  This is the beginning, and the end of the beginning, of Liquid Sunshine.  We give you, the Lost Episode.  

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 2014-11-12  1h40m