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Each week on Defining Marriage, hosts Matt Baume and James Morris chat about what's happening with marriage equality, featuring frequent digressions into pop culture, silly banter, and the jokes and quibbles that have kept them together as a couple for over a decade. The first eighteen episodes of the podcast contain the complete audiobook version of the book Defining Marriage, which traces the decades-long evolution of marriage through the personal stories of those who lived through it, featuring personal insights from the lives of Evan Wolfson, Dan Savage, Ken Mehlman, Dustin Lance Black, and many more.


The Greatest Adventure

We're back with a rollicking romp of forgotten names and irritating officials! I can't remember the name of another celebrity, and even when I remember I still forget. Vatican officials have some thoughts about Roy Moore, and someone just donated a wig to Alabama. Don't every try to use it at the same time. Also, watch us get even sillier on a livestream on November 4! Details at

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 2017-10-31  31m