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episode 10: The Marriage Playbook Season 3 Game #10 "LOVE REMAINS"

  When you lose the one you love do you ever stop loving the one you lost? Anyone who have ever experienced the tragic death of thier spouse understands that after this; love remains. Mourning for loved ones is a necessary process, but a process nevertheless.How do you cope with the haunting memories of love without sinking into depression. Our guest for this topic is; Alosina Masaniai Wellington, an Elder at Hilltop Christian Center located in Tacoma, Washington. Elder Alosina Wellington along with her 3 children had to endure the loss of her husbamd and Man of God. Poto Wellington. We look forward to our conversation on the Marriage Playbook Season 3 Game 10, "Love remains".      


 2017-11-07  56m