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Danger Ahead: Countdown to EU Copyright Reform

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host Christopher Clay
Conversation @SHA2017 Guest Julia Reda
Excerpt from a talk @CopyCamp Warsaw Guest Dr. Till Kreutzer
Excerpt from a talk @CopyCamp Warsaw Guest

Today on the podcast we will take another plunge into the murky waters of copyright in the EU and look at the radical changes that seem to be a done deal…  with help from Christopher Clay… a researcher, veteran of the EU policy scene who handles communication for MEP Julia Reda.  We will also listen to excerpts from a talk by both Julia Reda and Till Kreutzer on copyright reform given just last week at CopyCamp Warsaw.

Although we’ve done shows on copyright before, this one comes in as the clock is ticking away, major copyright reform will be here in a matter of weeks if not days.. what will it mean? What can be done? That’s all today on the podcast.


 2017-10-07  38m