The TK Podcast (Nintendo and Anime Podcast)

The TK Podcast is a podcast started by KingsHaki and RoronoaTrey. We discuss One Piece but also all anime/manga/nintendo games and sometimes other things. The hosts are KingsHaki, RoronoaTrey and Bluefirecrashdown. Contact us here, or on twitter at Kings_Haki, RoronoaTrey15 or Azure_Ursus


The Origins of TK, Top 5 Mario games?, One Piece, DPSuper, etc

Haki Trey & Bluefire discuss the origins of the TK group, our opinions on the top 5 mario games, the latest One Piece Chapter and other things. Check us out on Youtube Kings Haki Trey15 Roronoa Nezzy TK Check us out on Twitch:


 2017-11-20  2h7m