Many Styles

Bookings | Inquiries : Vikas is heralded not only for his comfort and versatility with every genre of music, but also for his ease and grace with the most discerning clients.This unique blend makes him the top choice for the world’s most coveted event planners. Having played alongside music icons such as Questlove, Mark Ronson, Jay-Z, Kanye West, New Order, and other icons, Vikas’s dedication to moving dance floors worldwide has inspired top brands and even President Obama to make him their DJ of choice. His inspiring persona makes him a fixture at annual festivals like Art Basel, Cannes Lions, Coachella, F1, SXSW, Sundance, NYFF & TIFF. Vikas sets himself apart by understanding the nuances of playing to the world’s most eclectic audiences. His clients come from a multitude of backgrounds from around the world, and he is able to pull from his rich tapestry of music to surprise and delight any audience. Beyond DJing, Vikas is also a notable entrepreneur and founder of Raina, a B2B music solution, providing the soundtracks for the most prestigious hospitality groups in the world.


Private Event at The Art Institute of Chicago

Private Event at The Art Institute of Chicago by Vikas Sapra: DJ, Entrepreneur, Lover

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 September 11, 2015  4h58m