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135 - Trade-Deadline Wrap-up, Cavs Future, Knicks without Kristaps, Lakers Notes

Phew, well, that was something. Despite plenty of people predicting a stagnant NBA trade deadline, this year's transaction party lived up to its usual chaotic billing. The Cavaliers completely re-made their roster on the fly—without giving up their Nets pick. The Lakers now have a clear path to two max-contract slots in free agency. The Knicks may have, possibly, for once, made a good trade. The Pistons beefed up their wing rotation.  Even the teams that didn't do anything substantive left a spate of questions in their wake: Did the Clippers make a mistake not trading DeAndre Jordan or Avery Bradley? Should the Thunder have acquired an Andre Roberson replacement? Were the Grizzlies foolish to keep Tyreke Evans? Did the Celtics miss an opportunity by not making a single deal? How about the 76ers? And should the Hornets have traded Kemba Walker rather than acting as buyers? Bleacher Report's Grant Hughes (@gt_hughes) joins Hardwood Knocks to break down every single solitary storyline and wrinkle in the aftermath of another NBA trade deadline. From Jae Crowder's fit with the Jazz, to the Timberwolves inevitably signing Derrick Rose, to the Kings mucking up yet another series of transactions, we've got it all. We even squeeze in some talk about the Knicks' future in light of Kristaps Porzingis' season-ending injury. As always, be sure to subscribe to and rate Hardwood Knocks on iTunes. You can also find us on Stitcher and BlogTalkRadio. And as 50 Cent's biopic suggests: Follow Andy Bailey (@AndrewDBailey), Dan Favale (@danfavale), the show (@HardwoodKnocks) and NBA Math (@NBA_Math) on Twitter or die trying.


 2018-02-09  1h48m