A curious and witty exploration of Berlin, by Walrus aka Wouter Bernhardt.


The All Nighter

Our wonderful city of Berlin is famous for many things, one of them its diverse and hedonistic nightlife. Our equally wonderful Walrus on the other hand is famous for going to bed at around 9pm. So, he is not much of a Berlin night person. But still, that didn’t stop him from doing a monstrous thirteen hour recording session. ’The All Nighter' is an inebriated attempt to make some sense out of the city when the lights go dark.

Thanks to Kai, Manus, Jesse, Ryan, Catherine, Becky, Oliver, Jon, Tom, Michla and Petrit.

Places visited: Görlitzer Bahnhof, Kottbusser Tor, St. Bart, Circus Lemke, Morphin Bar, Bar Mama, Griessmühle.

Music by Mark Schilders and Svetnik


 2018-02-14  43m