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Boss Level is a podcast on people and organizations aiming for the boss level. Boss level is the status a person or an organization achieves by making a better quality of life for themselves and others by doing what they need to do regardless of all the haters and obstacles out there.



episode 48: Christopher Avery and The Responsibility Process

For this episode, my guest is Christopher Avery, the man behind The Responsibility Process. The Responsibility Process is a model to help you recognize unproductive mental states and help you take responsibility. I learned about The Responsibility Process from Christopher roughly 7 years ago and it has stayed with me since. It’s one of my go-to tools personally and I often use it with teams. We discussed about how one can learn to use The Responsibility Process and how it is useful model for both individuals and teams. The model has been condensed into a fairly simple poster. You can find it from the link list below. Sponsor links:

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 2018-02-27  39m