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By the Powers of Castle Grayskull, I have the Power! We dive into the various Heman animated series doing reviews on an episode by episode basis.



Masters in Space - EP 89 - Skeletor's Revenge!

In Episode 89 of the Masters in Space join OptimusSolo and TFG1Mike as they tackle the New Adventures of He-Man.  That's right we are suffering through something FAR WORSE than Filmation! This week we face the Juggernaut.. wait why are the X-Men here? After that we see that there is a Fading Star, and finally we are witnesses to Skeletor's Revenge!! FOR THE HONOR OF GRAYSKULL WE HAVE THE POWER!!! Geeks: Mike "TFG1" Blanchard Kevin "OptimusSolo" Thompson UNLEASH THE GEEK IN YOU and listen to us at the following links: RSS Feed | BlogTalk Radio | iTunes


 2018-04-15  37m