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23 Things Fall Apart

Check it, I'm back, bringing you some rad as hell ska music! First we have 2 premier songs! Hells yeah! The great Canadian group Class Action is providing us with the second track today called "Let Me Ask You" and it is off their upcoming EP! Also there's Bargain Bin Heroes with the fifth song in this episode "My Day" from their forthcoming EP, but they still need it crowd funded to fully release, so get on that, help those dudes out! Both are totally great bands who could use a bit of support from you guys, the ska community! Also, support all the other bands too, eh? Music like this doesn't happen in a vacuum! If you hear a band for the first time on this show, let them know! If hear a track you love, head to the website at 23ska.com and click on the links to the tracks and the band's facebook page! Get involved! This show is just a 23min gateway to hours of fantastic music! 00:00 - Bomb the Music Industry! – You Still Believe in Me? (Adults!!!… Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing!!!!!!! ’10) 03:45 - Class Action – Let Me Ask You (Serious Business ’15) 07:01 - the JB Conspiracy – the Escape (the Storm ’13) 10:32 - Demon Waffle – You Don’t Know Me (Eat Your Breakfast ’12) 14:41 - Bargain Bin Heroes – My Day (Bargain Bin Heroes ’15) 17:23 - the Jellycats – Break (When I do ’12) 19:39 - the Pinstripes – We Come Apart (the Decay ’07) Find & like us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/23minofSka This episode and all episodes back to the start in 2010 are available at http://www.23Ska.com There's a lot of great ska vinyl out there, so head over to our partners in crime at http://www.GrandpasCasino.com and pick up some great sounds! Session : 9 // Episode : 185 // Airdate : Aug 9th, 2015


 2015-09-10  23m