"Digital" DJ Vic - Essence Of House

Originally from Brooklyn, New York Vic started DJing in the late 80's at the early age of 13 and by the 90's he was old enough to play in some clubs. Vic was perfecting his craft when this new sound called HOUSE music came around and that was it he was hooked. Vic moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1993 and got involved in its club scene and that's where He met Nader. Fast Forward 20 years and they officially founded the CLUB NV Brand. Vic has an official podcast called Essence Of House which is available on Itunes and TuneIn Radio and has began producing his own tracks. Some of Vic's personal favorite DJ's/producers that inspire him to keep it going are Todd Terry, David Morales, Louie Vega and Junior Vasquez! Of course all being New York Djs them self. Vic followed some of these guys when he was coming up and they still continue to inspire his sound! With his recent Launch of the CITY HEAT PRODUCTIONS Label He is helping new artists emerge on the scene !




Essence Mix - 153 - LOST EPISODE

LOST EPISODE Come follow me and contact me on Facebook at: facebook.com/digitaldjvic Find me on Twitter:twitter.com/CITYHEATPROD Official website of CLUB NV RADIO clubnv.club tunein.com/radio/Digital-DJ-Vic-Essence-Of-House-p719823


 2018-06-19  1h57m