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Episode 24: Triangle

Finally, we’ve come to the hellish murder cruise of parenthood of time travel that is “Triangle.” For real, this is one Phil, as the resident horror movie fan, has been looking forward to for a while.

This is definitely one of those movies you need to watch before we talk about it. More than the usual spoiler warnings here! “Triangle” is best experienced with zero understanding of it. The fact you’re reading about it here, on our time travel podcast, is already a spoiler!
Did you watch it? Okay. Moving on.
“Triangle” is a 2009 horror movie that sneaks up on you as a time travel film. Though it never received a lot of fanfare, it’s pretty impressive as both a horror movie and a time travel movie, getting a lot of the usual issues right throughout. Melissa George’s protagonist character, Jess, is a solid time travel protagonist who understands her plight pretty quickly. Of course, things still don’t go well for her.
It’s also a testament to writer and director Christopher Smith that “Triangle” is among the most internally consistent time travel movies we can think of. That’s doubly impressive because it’s a horror movie, where playing fast and loose with “rules” is often part of the approach, since feelings like fear and dread are paramount. So kudos to Chris!
At least one of us is also excited to talk about a horror movie, something we don’t get to do too often. Sorry if it sounds like Phil is gleeful about murder and dismemberment — he’s not! At least, not outside the confines of horror films. Probably.

Anyway, listen to the episode!
We also talked about the similarities between “Triangle” and another movie: Nacho Vigalondo’s “Timecrimes,” or “Cronocrimenes” in its native Spanish (an altogether even-cooler-sounding title, really). We recommend checking out the movie, then listening to the Paradox episode on “Timecrimes” as well.
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 2018-06-30  1h47m