Soul Meditation Sessions

Soul Meditation Session's podcast/show mixed by Fredrox and Supported by Phe Minakho. Soul Meditation Sessions is all about unearthing talent and presenting art in the form of house music to the world at large.


Mzala Wa Afrika Play's Soul Meditation Sessions

1. Paris Cesvette & Room 806 ft. Robert Walker - First Hello 2. Lilac Jeans ft. Sio Black Widow - This Love 3. Mackson ft. Lil Soul - You Are Something 4. D.General - Strictly Underground vol. 1 (Dust) 5. Dj Sibz & Websonic ft Joe Vincent - Jazz Untitled (Dj Sibz Remix) 6. Mzala Wa Afrika - xxx (Promo) 7. Kat Scan - Don't Hurt Your Brother 8. Echo Deep - Our Lifetime Story (Original Mix) 9. Mfr ft Dzo - Delicate Moments (Original Mix) 10. Gintonic Da Colly - Bang The Drum (Original Mix)


 2016-01-06  1h2m