1 MHz Apple II Podcast

Carrington Vanston reviews vintage Apple II games and goodies.



1 MHz Episode 7

After skipping a month, 1 MHz returns with a vengeance. Well, maybe not a vengeance so much as an determined scowl. In addition to the scowl, I've also got a theme: failure. Failure to podcast, failure to review new software, and failure to mail out some overdue packages. But there's also some success to report on, even if it's not my own. A2Central has successfully launched both a new web site and a new BBS, and InTrec has successfully kept it's award winning ProTERM software alive for decades (now at a new low price with a spiffy new web site on the way). There aren't any software reviews in this episode (remember the theme?) there are a few Apple II related videos I can point you toward. You'll learn about a new fad called Electronic Mail (I remain unconvinced), brace your ears against Irene Cara singing the Apple theme song, and even see an Apple II up for grabs on the Price is Right.

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 2006-12-31  29m