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170: The Writers Guild Doesn't Strike Back

Star Trek: Discovery could have been delayed yet again by a seemingly inevitable writers strike from the WGA - thankfully, the guild and studios were able to resolve their differences, but on this episode we dive in to why the WGA was going to strike and how Star Trek has previously been affected by striking workers. Also, Star Trek Online recently debuted their Season 13 expansion, Discovery adds more actors and Leslie Moonves gives more insight into some of the inner workings of distributing the new flagship Star Trek series.

Home Video Awards (00:00:50)
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Star Trek Online Season 13 (00:01:33)
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Bootleg DVD Sets (00:02:15)
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Writers Strike (00:02:58)
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Discovery Adds Actors (00:05:55)
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Leslie Moonves on Discovery (00:08:23)
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Luke Weir

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 2017-05-16  12m